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How to install LED Aluminum Profile For Showcase

How to install LED Aluminum Profile For Showcase

When we were shopping in the mall, almost all the showcase we saw were equipped with LED strip lights, which made it easy for us to see the goods and give customers a good visual effect. In fact, this is the effect of matching the LED aluminum profile and the LED strip light. How to install it?

LED aluminum profile for showcase

1. Length

First determine the length to be installed, and then take the integer intercept. Because this LED strip light and LED aluminum profile are 1 meter/unit, it only affects the circuit when it is cut from the cutout. Cutting randomly will cause the device to shut down.

2. Link plug

The LED itself is a diode and is driven by direct current, so it has a positive electrode and a negative electrode. If the positive and negative poles are connected in reverse, it will be insulated and the light strip will not light up. If the connection plug is not receiving power, simply remove the other end of the strap.

3. Placement of LED strip light and LED aluminum profile

The strip light is installed in the LED aluminum profile. The newly removed strip is deformed and inconvenient to install, so it should be flattened and installed into the LED aluminum profile. Finally, installing the whole light according to the previous groove position. Because the LED strip light is single-sided, if it is placed unevenly, the brightness and light will be uneven, especially at the corners.


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