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LED Light Profile In Five-star Hotel Design

LED Light Profile In Five-star Hotel Design

Five-star hotels are important places for people to socialize, relax, and entertain. When designing them, they must not only fully consider aesthetics, comfort, and grade, but also fully consider the psychological factors and actual needs of guests, especially the choice of lighting design and the LED light profile. Based on this, this article analyzes the main points of the five-star hotel design from the aspects of hotel lobby, elevator hall, public toilet, dining space, guest room space and bath center, etc., in order to provide relevant designers with some help in the design process.

Judging from the current design status of China’s five-star hotels, although it is relatively luxurious and noble, it lacks some warm and novel feelings, which has reduced the guest’s experience to a certain extent. Therefore, for hotel designers, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of the guests’ psychological characteristics, hobbies, etc., and in accordance with their actual needs, re-examine the hotel design, and innovate and improve from color matching and space layout. On the basis of the traditional noble temperament, add some warm feelings, which will bring guests a different experience and improve their satisfaction.

I. Hotel lobby design with LED light profile

The hotel lobby is the most attractive place for guests. For the smallpox in the lobby, simple design cannot be carried out, and its unique shape and lobby space can effectively complement each other, thereby enhancing the design effect of the lobby. In this process, multi-level ceilings and large luxury chandeliers can be effectively combined to create a noble atmosphere in the lobby. At the same time, it can be equipped LED strip lights with L057 recessed strip profile. In this way, not only can the hotel’s grade be improved, but also Effectively meet hotel functional requirements. When designing the lobby wall, you can choose some stone materials, which will not only enhance the brightness of the lobby, but also make the lobby very clean. For the help desk, you can use some abstract modeling patterns to decorate its background wall, or you can add some hotel theme elements to highlight the hotel culture. For the color of the ground stone, it should match the color of the wall to ensure that the lobby space is coordinated in color.

LED light profile for hotel lobby design

2.Elevator hall design with LED light porfile

The elevator hall is an important place for guests to rest. When designing it, you can use some technical design techniques to enhance the guests’ comfort and let them have a relaxed and happy mood. When designing the elevator hall, It designs a background wall, coupled with some handicrafts, or places some antiques, cultural relics, etc., the design of adding lighting on the outer wall of the elevator, highlighting the hotel’s artistic style, and enhancing guests’ satisfaction with the hotel. The light slot here can choose L093 LED Strip Profile.

LED light profile for elevator hall design

3. Public toilet design

When designing public toilets, you can make full use of yellow. For the LED light profile, you can choose a yellow light source and L096D LED light strip profile, which is not only eye-catching, but also has a warm feeling. For the ground, you can choose dark brown stone and then combine it effectively with yellow artificial stone to ensure strong color changes. In addition, to enhance the uniqueness of public bathroom design.

LED light profile for public toilet design


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