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Category: Embedded Installation

LED Aluminum Profile-Embedded Installation

LED recessed channels, also known as recessed aluminum profiles, are extensively utilized in LED strip light projects. These channels provide an effective solution for achieving enhanced light diffusion and improved heat dissipation by installing LED strip lights inside them. The depth of the channel can vary, resulting in different diffusion effects. Additionally, the recessed channel offers protection for the LED strip lights, safeguarding them against potential external damage like water droplets, dust, scratches, and collisions.

LED recessed channels are commonly sold and used in combination with both an LED aluminum channel and a diffuser cover. The aluminum channel is recessed into surfaces such as drywall, ceilings, and shelves. In contrast to traditional lamps that often protrude, the LED recessed channel, when paired with LED strip lights, maintains a flat mounting surface without any visible protrusions. This arrangement provides a clean and stylish lighting experience.


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