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LED Aluminum Profile – LED Strip Profile

High-quality anodized aluminum LED strip channels, also referred to as LED aluminum profiles or aluminum extrusions, are the ideal choice for enhancing the installation and functionality of LED strip light projects. These channels are widely used as diffusers for LED light strips, allowing for better diffusion and the creation of creative lighting effects. Additionally, they serve as mounting channels, facilitating the installation process. Surface-mounted LED light channels with diffusers are commonly utilized for under cabinet lighting, while ceiling, recessed, and corner LED strip channels are popular options for various LED strip light applications. By providing housing and protection for LED strips, these aluminum channels also act as heat sinks, significantly improving heat management.

These specially designed LED strip light aluminum channels can be seamlessly installed in grooves found in cabinets, ceilings, stairs, walls, and floors. The resulting lighting is aesthetically pleasing and stylish, thanks to the elegant linear shape, seamless diffusion, low profile, and unobtrusive contours.


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