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About Packaging

1.Each Aluminum is packing by a PE Bag, And each PC coveris protected by a PE film.

2.The incision is smooth and flat without burrs.

3.Standard packaging method:bundled in a certain quantity to ensure no friction during transportation.

3A.Each product is laser labeled or labeled with barcode according to customer requirements,and customers can scan the barcode for retail delivery.

3B.Packaging method for each set of plugs and buckles according to customer requirements.

3C.Use cartoon boxes or paper tubes for packaging according to customer requirements.

4.Outer packaging:Thickened 7-layer cardboard boxes,neatly packed.Two end bubble cotton buffer protection.

5.Outer packaging reinforcement:1 meter with plastic comer protectors at both ends to prevent collision and damage to the product during transportation.The length is 1-4meters,and the cardboard box is protected with thickened paper corner protectors around it to avoid bending and deformation.


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