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53*14MM LED Plaster in Profile 2Meters Alu Profile LED Trockenbau-L200

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This Aluminum LED Profile for LED Strip is Designed to Be Recessed into Plaster for a Seamless Appearance. Simply Screw the Profile into Place and Plaster over the Specially Designed Perforated Outer. the Profile Comes Complete with an Opal Diffuser, Making It Ready to Install. All That’s Left to Do is Add the LED Strip in the Color of Your Choice.

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Plaster Mounted

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Aluminum profile+PC Cover+End Caps

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L200 Aluminum Profile for Discrete Lighting Applications

The L200 Aluminum Profile is perfect for discrete lighting applications that require low to medium output lighting. Its slim and low profile allows for easy recessed installation in narrow spaces, making it ideal for use in ceilings, walls, and other settings where a flush in-wall mount is desired.


Step 1: Cut a slot for the Aluminum Housing using a drywall knife.
Step 2: Secure the housing to the drywall using a flat-head drywall screw through the integrated plaster-bead.
Step 3: Apply a single layer of contractors tape over the light opening.
Step 4: Apply drywall tape over the integrated plaster-bead.
Step 5: Apply plaster and smooth with a compound knife.
Step 6: Sand down to achieve a smooth finish and paint.


To customize the length of your lighting fixtures, simply snap the cover onto the profile and place the channel onto a miter saw with the cover facing down. We recommend using a NEW fine tooth blade to cut your aluminum channels for LED strips, as an old blade can easily break the diffuser/lens. Lower the saw blade slowly while cutting to avoid breakage.

DOTLESS Lighting!

Achieve dot-free evenly diffused lighting with our DOTLESS LED strips. Choose from the 12V DOTLESS White LED Strip (our most popular) or the 24V DOTLESS White LED Strip.

Product Description

The LED Strip Light with Long Flanges Can Be Recessed into Drywall or Ceilings up to a Thickness of 13.2Mm. They are Made of 6063-T5 Extruded Aluminum Material with an Anodized Surface Treatment, Providing Anti-Oxidation Features and a Longer Lifespan Compared to Similar Products. the LED Light Tracks are Available in Three Colors: Silver, White, and Black. the Standard Length is 1 Meter, with a Maximum Length of 6 Meters, and Can Be Cut to Any Custom Length.

There are Two Types of Diffusers Available, PC Diffused Cover and Black Diffused Cover, both Available in 13.2-Meter Reels, Which Can Be Cut to Any Length for Your Project. the Aluminum Recessed Lighting Strip Profile Have an Inner Width of 10.5Mm, Allowing for LED Strips with a Maximum Width of 10Mm. You Can Install SMD LED Strips or Cob LED Strips Inside, and the Aluminum Base Can Work as a Heat Sink for Better Heat Dissipation.

The End Caps with Wire Holes are Included, Making It Easy to Connect the LED Lights to a Power Supply to Light up. both Sides of the LED Profile Have Honeycomb Holes, Making It Easy to Recess Them in the Drywall or Ceiling, and Then Plaster and Paint over the Tracks and Wall to Finish the Installation.

The Aluminum Profile of LED Drywall Mount Channel is to Make a Groove According to the Size of the Aluminum Profile or Select the Appropriate Aluminum Profile According to the Groove Already Made, and Then Install the Aluminum Profile in the Groove, Stick the Selected Light Strip in the Groove, Cover the Lampshade Endcaps, and Finally Cover the Cement in the Small Hole of LED Light Drywall Profile to Play a Fixed Role. the Aluminum Profile of Recessed Aluminum Drywall LED Channel Can Be Completely Embedded in the Wall to Save Space and Achieve the Effect of not Seeing the Light. Many Hotels This Type of Aluminum Profile Will Be Used to Create the Lighting Effect. the Drywall Aluminium Profiles LED is the Most Common Style.

L200-2.09Inch * 0.56 Inch(53*14MM)

Additional information

Width and Height


Installation Method

Plaster Mounted

Product List

Aluminum profile+PC Cover+End Caps


  • With a slim profile, our LED aluminum profile is perfect for discrete professional applications.
  • The profile is easily concealable, ensuring a seamless and streamlined look for your lighting project.
  • Designed with plaster beads, the profile allows for seamless integration with your walls or ceilings.
  • The channels in the profile also act as a heat sink, ensuring that the LED strips can perform at their best and have a longer lifespan.
  • Our UL-listed DOTLESS LED strips make it easy to achieve dot-free lighting with our aluminum profile.
  • We keep a well-stocked inventory in China factory, ensuring that your order will be shipped promptly.

Optional Surface of LED Profile

Optional Surface of LED Cover

Luminous Effect on the Surface of the LED Cover

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Light on
Endcaps Color
Snap Material
Pressing Method

Types of Connectors

90° Connector

90° Vertical Connector

135° Connector

135° Vertical Connector

180° Connector

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