Surface Mounted Aluminum Profiles with Pcb Less Than 10Mm

Price range$1.00-$30. Stock:more than 1000 pieces

Additional information

Product List

Aluminum profile+PC Cover+Clip+End Caps

Product Length

1M, 2M, 3M

Aluminum Color

Black, Silver

Cover Material



Surface series is a common aluminum profile style, often used for auxiliary lighting in indoor scenes such as cabinets, closets, bedside, etc. We have more than 200 kinds of surface mount products in stock. The aluminum material we usually use is 6063-T5, which is also the most widely used aluminum material for heat dissipation in the market at present. The thermal conductivity coefficient of the aluminum material is 209W/m-K. The number of thermal expansion series is 23.4um/m-k. The PC cover material we usually use is the Japanese Teigen.PC Cold resistance – 20 ℃, heat resistance – 120 ℃. These aluminum profiles with different cross sections can be used as cabinet lamps after being pasted with lamp beads. Click here to check how to paste aluminum profiles into lamp beads. When purchasing aluminum profiles, please note that the width of the cross-section and the width of the LED light strip, will determine the width of the aluminum profiles to be purchased, and the final application scenario of the product will determine or determine the width of the aluminum profiles.

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