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21*26.1MM Extrusion Floor LED Aluminum Profile-L092

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The Aluminum Profile is Made of High-Quality 6063-T5 Aluminum Material and Has a Variety of Covers to Choose from High-Quality Products are the Basis of a Good Project. at the Same Time, High-Quality Products Will Increase the Value of a Good Project. This Floor Stepping Aluminum Profile is a Good Product to Improve the Project Value. It is Often Used to Make the Floor Shiny. I Believe It Will Be a Wise Decision to Use This Product in Construction Projects.

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Aluminum profile+PC Cover+End Caps

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L092-0.83 Inch * 1.03 Inch(21*26.1MM)

Introducing the LED Extrusion Channel Designed for Recessed Mounting in the Floor. Made with High-Quality 6063-T5 Anodized Aluminum Material, This LED Channel Has a Superior Anti-Oxidation Feature for a Longer Lifespan Than Other Similar Products. It Comes with a PC Diffuser Cover, and the Default Length is 1 Meter, but You Can Choose Other Lengths Such as 0.5 Meter, 1.5 Meter, 2 Meter, 2.5 Meter, or a Maximum of 3 Meters Per Piece. You Can Also Cut the Channel to Any Length You Want.

The LED Extrusion Channel Comes with End Caps with Wire Holes or Without Wire Holes, and You Can Easily Fix the LED Strips on the Aluminum Body, Which Has an Inner Width of 12.3Mm and is Compatible with 3528 or 5050 LED Strips. the Aluminum Body Can Also Be Used as a Heat Sinker for Better Heat Dissipation, Which Allows for a Longer Lifespan of Your LED Strip Light. You Can Connect It with an LED Dimmer or LED Controller to Adjust the Brightness or Color Changing Style According to Your Preference.

This LED Extrusion Channel is Perfect for Recessing on the Floor, Desk, or Wall, and It Comes with a 3Mm Thick PC Diffuser Cover That is Durable Enough to Walk on. Its Longer Lifespan and Durability Make It a Reliable Choice for Shopping Malls, Stores, Restaurants, Bars, and Other Similar Applications.

Additional information

Width and Height


Product List

Aluminum profile+PC Cover+End Caps

Optional Surface of LED Profile

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90° Connector

90° Vertical Connector

135° Connector

135° Vertical Connector

180° Connector

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