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19*19MM Aluminum Strip Extruded LED Corner 45 Degree Profile-L028

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For Your Convenience, the 45° Alu Channel is Also Available in a 3-Meter Length in a Stunning Silver Anodized Finish. to Place Your Order, Call Us Now at +86-0769-81101775.

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Width and Height

19*19 MM

Product List

Aluminum profile+PC Cover+Clip+End Caps

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Enhance Your Displays with Aluminum Profile “L028” LED Lighting Solution

Aluminum Profile “L028” is a Versatile and Popular LED Lighting Solution That Can Be Used in a Variety of Applications. the Corner Mounted Design Allows for Highlighting Items in Your Collection or Creating High-Quality Task Lighting. the Dot-Free Look Provides an Attractive and Versatile Lighting Solution That Can Be Used for a Range of Displays. Here are Some Examples of How You Can Use Aluminum Profile “L028“:

– Retail Displays: Make Items on Shelves Stand Out with High-Quality Lighting.


Easy Installation with Snap-and-Go Clips

Installing Aluminum Profile “L028” is Quick and Easy. the LED Housing Comes with Two Mounting Clips That Can Be Easily Installed onto Your Desired Surface with Screws. Then, Simply Snap Your LED Aluminum Housing into Place.


Customize Your Lighting Fixtures with Ease

To Customize the Length of Your Aluminum Profiles and Make Your Lighting Fixtures a Custom Size, Snap the cover onto the Profile and Place the Channel onto a Miter Saw with the Covers Facing down. This Will Allow You to Easily Cut both the Channel and Covers to Your Desired Length at the Same Time. We Recommend Using a New Fine-Tooth Blade to Avoid Damaging the Fragile Diffuser/Covers.

Dotless Lighting!

Achieve Dot-Free Evenly Diffused Lighting

For Even More Versatility, Choose from Our Selection of Dotless LED Strips. Our 12V Dotless White LED Strip is the Most Popular Option for Achieving Dot-Free Evenly Diffused Lighting in Aluminum Profile “L028“. We Also Offer a 24V Dotless White LED Strip.

Product Description

Introducing the 45° Alu Triangle Shaped Aluminum Channel – the Ultimate Solution for Creating Stunning Custom LED Lighting Fixtures! Perfectly Designed for Corners and Surfaces with a 90° Angle, This Versatile Channel Offers a Range of Cover and Finish Options to Suit Any Indoor or Outdoor Setting.

Crafted from High-Quality Aluminum, This Channel is Available in Non-Anodized, Double Anodized, and Double Anodized Black Finish, Ensuring a Sleek and Stylish Look for Your Lighting Project. the Extra Frosted Indoor Cover Provides a Clean and Uniform Line of Light When Paired with a Densely Spaced SMD LED Strip Light with at Least 3 Leds Per Inch.

But That’s not All – with the Focus Lens, You Can Easily Adjust the Beam Angle of the LED Strip to 10° for a More Concentrated Light Beam or Wall Wash Effect. and If You Plan to Use This Channel in Outdoor or Uv-Exposed Environments, Simply Seal It with a Silicone Adhesive for an IP65 Rating and Optimal Performance.

Don’t Settle for Ordinary Lighting Fixtures – Elevate Your Space with the 45° Alu Triangle Shaped Aluminum Channel and Create a Truly Unique and Stunning Lighting Display That Will Leave Everyone in Awe.

L028-0.75 Inch * 0.75 Inch(19*19MM)

Additional information

Width and Height

19*19 MM

Product List

Aluminum profile+PC Cover+Clip+End Caps


  • Space-saving corner mounted design.
  • Achieve dotless lighting when paired with our high-density UL-listed LED tape.
  • Ensures maximum LED lifespan by dissipating heat and protecting from environmental damage.
  • Quick and easy installation with included mounting clips.
  • Our factory is well-stocked and ready to ship your order.

Optional Surface of LED Profile

Optional Surface of LED Cover

Luminous Effect on the Surface of the LED Cover

Light Off
Light on
Endcaps Color
Snap Material
Pressing Method

Types of Connectors

90° Connector

90° Vertical Connector

135° Connector

135° Vertical Connector

180° Connector

Schematic Diagram of Installation Method


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