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What Are The Reasons Why The LED Linear Light Housing Is Not Lit?

What Are The Reasons Why The LED Linear Light Housing Is Not Lit?

The LED linear light housing is made of aluminum alloy, with clear lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, firmness, corrosion resistance and easy installation. The LED linear light housing is electrostatically sprayed on the surface, which is resistant to high temperature and weather. The LED line reflector uses an imported aluminum oxide plate to ensure high output of light energy. 3MM thick high-strength tempered glass with high light transmittance and impact resistance. The LED linear light housing has built-in guaranteed protection rating up to IP65.


LED linear light housing technical parameter table model:


HX -XQ color range: red, yellow, blue, green, white and color.

LED linear light housing beam angle: 15 ° -60 °.

LED linear light housing line illumination distance: 20 meters.

LED linear light housing control system: DMx512 controller or wall washer simple controller.

LED line lamp housing material: aluminum alloy, PC.

LED linear light housing connection: standard signal power line connector 3-pin signal connector.


LED linear light housings need anti-static:


Because LED is a static-sensitive component, if you do not take anti-static measures when repairing LED linear light housings, it will burn out the LED and cause waste. It should be noted here that the soldering iron must use an anti-static soldering iron, and maintenance personnel must also take anti-static measures (such as wearing static rings and anti-static gloves).


LED linear light housings can’t last high temperature:


LED light lines are two important components of LED and FPC, LED linear light housings are products that can not sustain high temperature. If the FPC continues to heat up or exceeds its temperature, it will cause the FPC’s cover film to foam, directly causing the LED line lamp to be scrapped. At the same time, the LED can not continue to withstand high temperatures. In the high temperature time, the LED line lamp chip will be burnt out at high temperature. Therefore, the soldering iron used in the maintenance of the LED strip must use a temperature-controlled soldering iron to limit the temperature within one range, and it is forbidden to change and set it at will. In addition, even if this is the case, it is necessary to pay attention to the soldering iron not to stay in the pin position of the LED line lamp for more than 10 seconds during maintenance. If this time is exceeded, the LED line lamp chip is likely to be burnt out.



LED linear light housing


If the LED linear light housing is not lit, please check if the circuit is connected, if the contact is bad, and if the light bar is reversed. The brightness of the light bar is obviously low. Please check whether the rated power of the power supply is lower than the power of the light bar, or the connecting wire is too thin, resulting in excessive power consumption of the connecting wire. The front of the light bar is obviously brighter than the back. Please check if the length of the series is more than 3 meters.


LED linear light housing


According to the analysis of the material of the PCB board, the PCB board is also divided into many quality levels. Most of the cheap line lamps on the market use the PCB material of the secondary material. The board is easy to be layered after being heated, and the copper foil is too thin. Easy to fall, poor adhesion The copper foil layer and the PCB layer are easy to separate, not to mention the stability of the line. Does the board still expect the line to be stable? Don’t be kidding, everyone is busy! Most of the cheap linear light housings have not been tested for reliability and stability through reasonable line layout and inspection tests. The products produced by the regular LED line lamp manufacturers will certainly do this in order to be sold in the market.


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