Differences Between LED Hard Light Strips And LED Wall Washers

Nov 11,2019 6 views
There are many types of LED lamps, which are widely used in life and are widely welcomed by everyone. LED wall washers and LED hard light strips are linear light housings, which are called line lights in the lighting industry. However, LED wall washers are generally used for outdoor landscape lighting, LED hard light strips are generally used indoors more! Both have their own strengths, and there are many differences between them.   LED hard light strips  

First Difference -- Use:

  LED lighting wall light is higher than the light of the hard light bar, the area should be wide. LED hard light strips are more suitable for use in jewelry counter lights. If they are used on the outer wall, it is not very suitable. If it is to be used on the outer wall, it should be used for those with an illumination height of less than 1 meter. It is better to use a wall lamp if you want to take a high range.  

Second Difference -- Appearance Structure:

  LED wall washer is made of high-power LED, it is best to require waterproof level above IP65. The LED light bar is made of a small power light source, and is mainly made of a patch 5050 lamp bead. Generally not waterproof, mainly used in dark troughs, can have a variety of colors.  

Third Difference -- Projection Distance:

  LED wall washer is generally used for outdoor landscape lighting, the projection distance can reach 2-50 meters. LED Hard light strips are mostly used indoors. The main application fields of LED wall washers are green lighting, advertising licenses and other special facilities lighting, bar, dance hall and other entertainment venue atmosphere lighting. LED light bars are generally used for interior decoration, such as decorative dark troughs, decorative lights around the ceiling, and jewelry counter lights. If the application is ok on the outer wall, the illumination height is within 1 meter.

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