What Are The Advantages Of LED Hard Light Bars?

Nov 11,2019 5 views
With the improvement of the quality of life, people are becoming more and more advocating green environmental protection, and LED products have entered people's lives. LED lighting, LED display, and of course LED decorations, these products are no longer strange. LED hard light bars must be familiar to everyone, and they are named after the light baars, which are widely used in lighting or decoration. Introduce the advantages of LED hard light bars today.     1.LED light bars can be divided into flexible LED strips and LED hard strips. The difference is that LED hard strips are assembled with PCB boards and cannot be bent at will;flexible LED strips are made of FPC with softer texture. Assemble the circuit board, the LED flexible strip is packaged in transparent plastic and can be bent.     2. The hard light bar is more linear, the fixing is more convenient, and the installation is more worry-free. Suitable for use in a more spacious space, it can show better light consistency.The voltage used by the hard light bar can be divided into two types, one is the general voltage and the other is the driving voltage. The universal voltage is high voltage, the driving voltage is 24V, and the safety and reliability are high.     3. Relative to the soft light strip, the hard light strip is made of aluminum material, which has better heat dissipation and higher power.     5. LED hard light bar can be repaired in a single unit, that is, one broken will not affect the other.     6. hard light strips for display cabinets and other auxiliary lighting, such as jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinet lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, store decoration lighting, advertising light box lighting and hotels, hotels, decorative lighting.     7. you can choose the color temperature according to the lighting environment: warm white light (2700-3500k) color temperature for gold lighting; natural white light (4000k) for gemstones, jade, jade lighting.     8. When the LED light bar is installed, it is usually placed in the lamp slot, and it can be straightened. It can also be installed by magnet, buckle, 45° mounting buckle, and rotating mounting bracket.  

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