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LED Aluminum Profile-Lens Series

1. Clear Lens LED Aluminum Profiles: Our Lens Series offers a range of LED aluminum profiles with clear lenses designed to provide optimal light diffusion and protection for your LED light strips. These profiles feature a transparent cover that enhances the overall lighting effect while safeguarding the LEDs from dust, moisture, and physical damage. Create a clean and polished lighting display with our clear lens profiles.

2. Frosted Lens LED Channels: Achieve a softer and more diffused lighting effect with our Frosted Lens LED Channels. These profiles feature a frosted cover that helps to reduce glare and create a gentle and uniform distribution of light. Whether you want to create ambient lighting or highlight specific areas, our frosted lens channels offer a visually pleasing and comfortable illumination experience.

3. Milky Lens Aluminum Profiles: Our Milky Lens Aluminum Profiles provide a balanced diffusion of light, resulting in a smooth and even lighting effect. These profiles feature a milky or semi-opaque cover that disperses the light evenly without any visible hotspots or harsh shadows. Ideal for creating a cozy and inviting ambiance, our milky lens profiles are perfect for various lighting applications.

4. Colored Lens LED Channels: Add a pop of color to your lighting design with our Colored Lens LED Channels. These profiles come with a variety of colored lenses that can create stunning visual effects or complement the overall theme of your space. From vibrant hues to subtle tints, our colored lens channels offer a creative and customizable lighting solution.

5. UV-Resistant Lens Profiles: Protect your LED light strips from harmful UV rays with our UV-Resistant Lens Profiles. These profiles feature a specialized lens cover that blocks UV radiation, ensuring the longevity and performance of your LEDs. Ideal for outdoor applications or areas exposed to sunlight, our UV-resistant lens profiles provide reliable protection and maintain the quality of your lighting.

Discover our Lens Series and choose the perfect LED aluminum profiles with various lens options to enhance the diffusion, protection, and visual impact of your LED light strips. With their high-quality materials and versatile designs, our lens profiles offer a range of solutions to meet your specific lighting needs.


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