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90*32MM Recessed LED Channel Suspended Ceiling Wall LED Profile-PL003

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the Channel is Specifically Designed to Recess the Strip Light While the Extended Sides Block the Light from Direct Eye Contact, Making It Ideal for Under Cabinet Lighting or Any Application Where Glare Control is Important.

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The LED Extrusion Profile by Baiwei is the Perfect Solution for Reducing Glare and Hiding the Light Source of Your Strip Light.  with This Extrusion, You Can Use Clear Covers Without Seeing Individual LED Diodes, Providing a Pure Light Output. Installation is Easy with Screw-in Mounting Clips and a Variety of Cover Options to Choose from. the LED Extrusion Profile is Available in 1 and 2 Meter Lengths, and Comes in Silver and Black Anodized Finishes.

The LED Strip Light Extrusion is Another Option for Minimizing Glare and Concealing the Light Source.the Extended Flanges past the Cover Insert are Designed to Block and Conceal the Brightest Part of the Fixture, Reducing Discomfort and Eye Strain. This Extrusion is Versatile and Can Be Mounted in Various Ways to Create Surface Mount or Customized Hanging Strip Light Fixtures. Each Channel is Sold Separately and Can Fit up to a 90Mm Wide Low Voltage LED Strip. Available in Silver and Black Anodized Finishes, with the Black Anodized Having Slightly Less Glare Than the Silver. 2 Meter Lengths are Also Available, but Must Be Ordered by Phone(+86)-0769-81101775.

PL003-3.54 Inch * 1.25Inch(90*32MM)

Optional Surface of LED Profile

Optional Surface of LED Cover

Luminous Effect on the Surface of the LED Cover

Light Off
Light on
Endcaps Color
Snap Material
Pressing Method

Types of Connectors

90° Connector

90° Vertical Connector

135° Connector

135° Vertical Connector

180° Connector

Schematic Diagram of Installation Method


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