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75*35MM LED Strip Light Profile Aluminum Channel Lineair Light With End Cap-PL115

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Introducing our latest offering for slim and compact LED fixtures – the Aluminum Extrusion “PL115” – perfect for all your lighting needs. The “PL115” profile has been specifically engineered and designed to provide an attractive, slim finish. With a U-shaped interior, this ultra-modern profile ensures smooth light diffusion and highly efficient heat dissipation.

Designed to be suspended, our Aluminum Profile “PL115” can also be surface mounted. The mounting clips are specially designed to sit flush with the bottom of the aluminum extrusion, making it easy to create surface mounted light fixtures that are flush with their mounting surface. When paired with our high-density DOTLESS LED strips, “PL115” creates dot-free suspended LED lighting.

This Aluminum extrusion “PL115” can accommodate any high-output LED strip up to 2.53″ (64mm) wide and is designed to properly dissipate their heat. Each 6.5ft (78″) length of “PL115” comes as a completed kit including a pair of end-caps, mounting clips, suspension kit and one frosted Cover, making it convenient for all your lighting needs.

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Versatile LED Aluminum Profile “PL115” for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions

LED Aluminum Profile “PL115” is a Sleek and Versatile Lighting Solution That Can Be Suspended from the Ceiling or Surface Mounted with Screws. Its Narrow and Deep Design Makes It an Attractive Option for both General and Decorative Lighting Purposes in Various Settings Including Residential and Commercial Spaces. While Primarily Designed for Indoor Use, It Can Be Used for Outdoor Applications When Paired with Waterproof Components.

Installation Methods
LED Aluminum Profile “PL115” Offers Two Easy Installation Methods:

Mounting Method #1 (Use of Suspension Kit)
With Our Included Suspension Kit, Installation is a Breeze. Simply Screw the Anchor into Your Desired Surface, Install the Included Aircraft Cable, and Cut to Your Desired Length. Slide Cable-Grip Retaining Screws into the Rear Channel of the Aluminum Housing Before Installing the Closed End-Cap onto the Light Fixture. Tighten Cable-Gripper onto the Light Fixture and Adjust the Aircraft Cable to Your Desired Suspension Height.

Mounting Method #2 (Mounting Clips for Surface Mounting)
For Surface Mounting, Use the Included Mounting Clips to Drill Holes into Your Desired Surface and Screw Them into Place. Once the Clips are Secured, Snap the Aluminum Profile into Place.

To Customize Your Lighting Fixtures to Your Desired Length, Simply Snap the cover onto the Profile and Place It onto a Miter Saw with the cover Facing down. Cut both the Channel and cover at the Same Time Using a New Fine Tooth Blade to Prevent Damaging the Diffuser/Covers.

Dotless Lighting
To Achieve Dot-Free Evenly Diffused Lighting, Choose from Our Selection of Dotless LED Strips Including 12V Dotless White LED Strip (Most Popular!) and 24V Dotless White LED Strip.

PL115-2.95 Inch * 1.38Inch(75*35MM)


  • Innovative Design – V-Shaped Interior for Efficient Heat Dissipation
  • Prolongs LED Strip Lifetime by Maximizing Heat Dissipation
  • Mounting Clips Sit Flush with the Channel for a Seamless Look
  • Adaptable to Any Space and Design with Sleek and Modern Design
  • Quick and Easy Installation using Suspension Kit or Screw Mounting
  • Provides Protection to LED Strips from Various Weather Elements
  • Our Miami, FL Facility is Well-Stocked and Ready to Ship for Your Convenience.

Optional Surface of LED Profile

Optional Surface of LED Cover

Luminous Effect on the Surface of the LED Cover

Light Off
Light on
Endcaps Color
Snap Material
Pressing Method

Types of Connectors

90° Connector

90° Vertical Connector

135° Connector

135° Vertical Connector

180° Connector

Schematic Diagram of Installation Method


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