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62*82MM LED Aluminum Strip Profile LED Housing Cover Strip LED Channels-PL163C

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Our “PL163C” LED aluminum profile is a sleek and stylish option that offers both surface and pendant mounting capabilities. Like our popular “PL163C” profile, “PL163C” can accommodate any LED strip up to 58mm wide, while also serving as a heat sink to extend the lifespan of your high-output LEDs.

With its compact and slim design, “PL163C” allows for easy and professional suspension from ceilings without any complications. Sold in convenient 6.5ft lengths, our “PL163C” aluminum profile kit comes complete with a pair of end-caps, a suspension kit, and a semi-clear or white covers.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your home or office, “PL163C” is the perfect choice to illuminate any space with style and efficiency. Order now and see the difference for yourself!

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Cover Material

Clear, Milky, PC, PMMA

Width and Height


Installation Method


Product List

Aluminum Profile*1+PC Cover*1+End Caps*2+Silicone Wire*1

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LED Aluminum Profile “PL163C” for Versatile Lighting

LED Aluminum Profile “PL163C” is a versatile lighting solution designed for a wide range of lighting applications. Its attractive cover makes it perfect for suspended mounted installations. In addition, it can also be used for surface mounted applications, depending on your specific lighting needs. Although primarily intended for indoor use, the aluminum housing protects the LED strips from damage caused by direct exposure to harmful elements.


Two Mounting Methods

With the LED Aluminum Profile “PL163C“, you have two mounting options to choose from.

Mounting Method #1: Suspension Kit

Using the included suspension kit, you can install the LED Aluminum Profile “PL163C” in minutes. Simply screw the anchor into your desired surface, install the aircraft cable, and cut it to your desired length. Before installing the closed end-cap onto the light fixture, slide the cable-grip retaining screws into the rear channel of the aluminum housing. Then, insert the end-cap and tighten the cable-gripper onto the light fixture. Finally, adjust the aircraft cable to your desired suspension height.

Surface Mounting Method: Direct-Screw

If you prefer a surface mounted application, you can directly screw the LED Aluminum Profile “PL163C” into your desired surface. Simply drill a hole specific to your mounting screw diameter into the aluminum housing, counter-sink the hole so a flat-head screw can sit flush with the housing, and install the LED strip over the screw.


Custom Length

To customize the length of your aluminum profiles and lighting fixtures, simply snap the cover onto the profile and place the channel onto a miter saw with the cover facing down. This allows you to easily cut both the channel and cover to your desired length at the same time. For best results, use a new fine-tooth blade to cut your aluminum channels for LED strips. The diffuser/cover is fragile and will easily break with an old blade, so lower the saw blade slowly while cutting to avoid breakage.

DOTLESS Lighting:

Evenly Diffused Lighting

For dot-free and evenly diffused lighting, choose from the following DOTLESS LED strips for use with the Aluminum Profile “PL163C“:

– 12V DOTLESS White LED Strip (Most Popular!)
– 24V DOTLESS White LED Strip

PL163C-2.45Inch * 3.22Inch(62*82MM )

Additional information

Cover Material

Clear, Milky, PC, PMMA

Width and Height


Installation Method


Product List

Aluminum Profile*1+PC Cover*1+End Caps*2+Silicone Wire*1


  • Includes suspension kits for effortless ceiling mounting.
  • Effectively dissipates heat to prolong the lifespan of LED strips.
  • Elegant linear pendant lighting suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Optional Surface of LED Profile

Optional Surface of LED Cover

Luminous Effect on the Surface of the LED Cover

Light Off
Light on
Endcaps Color
Snap Material
Pressing Method

Types of Connectors

90° Connector

90° Vertical Connector

135° Connector

135° Vertical Connector

180° Connector

Schematic Diagram of Installation Method


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