26*26MM Floors Profile Leds Light LED Channel-L213

Price range$1.00-$30. Stock:more than 1000 pieces

Additional information

Product Length

1M, 2M, 3M

Aluminum Color

Black, Silver, White

Cover Material

Clear, Milky, PC, PMMA

Width and Height


Installation Method

Embedded Installation

Product List

Aluminum profile+PC Cover+End Caps


L213- 1.03Inch * 1.03Inch(26*26MM)

This Product Will Provide PC/PMMA/Clear/Milk Covers for You to Choose from. If You Need a Strong Light, You are Recommended to Choose PC Clear. If You Want a Soft Light, You are Recommended to Use the Milky Cover. the Section of the Cover is not so Clear. It is Better to Have a Little Frosted or Milky Surface. but Because This Model is a Floor LED Aluminum Profile Model, the Light Emitted from the Ground is from the Bottom to the Top. to Avoid Eye Damage Caused by too Strong Light, We Recommend Using the Frosted Cover.

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