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Make LED Aluminum Profiles Longer

Make LED Aluminum Profiles Longer

Our product standard length is 1M/2M/3M. The maximum length of aluminum is 4M. If it needs to be 6m, the freight and processing fees will be higher. If the length is greater than 6m, we will recommend customers use connectors to splice the two aluminum materials to the desired length. We have special aluminum profile connectors that do not need welding. It is environmentally friendly, and it is extremely convenient to install and disassemble. With the different connectors, the connection modes are also diverse. Our connectors can ensure that the gap between the two aluminum interfaces will not fall off, to connect and fix them.

Why to choose connectors?

  • The aluminum profiles often required in house decoration and construction projects are seven or eight meters long, and the larger the aluminum profile is, the higher the transportation cost is. Therefore, the connectors play a vital role here. Generally, we cut aluminum profiles into the size of 1M/2M/3M. Customers splice multiple aluminum profiles into the desired length.
  • Connectors are also indispensable in certain application scenarios. For example, splices can be used at corners with angles, as shown in the figure below.If you want to decorate to the effect shown in the figure below, the splices are necessary.

Type of connectors

The splices required by different series of aluminum profiles are different. The following are examples of three types of products with specific models.

Surface mount – L037

L037 is a popular product in the European market. This aluminum profile has 180 degree splicing and 90 degree splicing. Among them, there are various buckles of this style, including hardware buckles, PC buckles, rotary buckles .The display diagram is as follows.

The demonstration video is as follows.

Corner mounting – L053

L053 is a corner type profile that is popular in the North American market. This aluminum profile has 90 degree inner luminous splicing, 180 degree splicing, 90 degree outer luminous splicing, 157 degree splicing and other splicing pieces. The following are the pictures of this product, which is often used in the corner cabinet corner and other angled places. We also made 90 degree inner and outer luminous different splicing pieces to meet all the lighting needs of customers. The display diagram is as follows.

The demonstration video is as follows.

plaster LED aluminum profile series – L200

L200 series is a recently popular aluminum profile, which is most commonly used in the top corner of the house to achieve the effect of hidden lighting. This aluminum profile has 45 degree splicing, 90 degree inner lighting splicing, 90 degree outer lighting splicing, 180 degree splicing and many other splicing methods. Video+picture

You can choose the right angle of the splice according to the position you want to splice. If you have any other information you want to know, click here to contact us.


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