LED Strip Light Housing Power Supply

Nov 22,2019 5 views
The LED strip light housing is composed of dozens of semiconductor light-emitting diodes connected in series and then connected into several small power limiting resistors, and is sealed in a plastic strip base having the same shape as the bulb lamp. LED light strips have the advantages of long life, energy saving, rich color, low heat generation, etc. They are used in various fields of production and life, and have become an emerging lighting method. Since the standard length of The LED strip light housing is 2 meters, when installing or repairing and replacing, you need to first base the required length as the "base", and then look for the nearest "unit mark" on the light strip from the point. That is, the place where the "scissors" pattern is printed on the lamp strip is taken. If you cut it at will. However, due to improper position, the corresponding unit circuit in the last end of the lamp strip is cut off; The phenomenon that the end of the segment does not light up appears. So that the decoration is broken. The LED strip light housing The LED strip light housing mainly adopts the DC voltage supply on the power supply. Therefore, when powering the LED light, a rectifier dedicated to the LED light strip should be added according to the normal specification, and a "bridge" in the rectifier should be passed. After the reactor is rectified to about 220V DC voltage, the LED light strip is connected to let it work. Although the LED light strip will directly illuminate the mains, the LED tube in the strip will only work in the "polar" phase due to the unidirectional conductivity during a certain half cycle of the AC voltage waveform. Significant flickering, so the LED strips use DC voltage. If the LED strip is a compound driver for the composite strip well, the controller type must be a dedicated "LED strip controller". Then, the DC component is outputted by a circuit component such as a unidirectional thyristor in the controller. The LED strip light housing Therefore, it is reminded that if the controller is used and the controller is in need of replacement due to the damage, if the controller is neglected, the controller will be arbitrarily changed. Only the correct "check-in" can be used to restore the original best light strip.

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