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Learn Black Led Aluminum Profile

Learn Black Led Aluminum Profile

Some people often ask about black aluminum profiles. Next, this article will introduce you to black aluminum profiles.

Black aluminum profile

market demand

To make the house design more beautiful and meet the market demand, black aluminum profiles have gradually become the preferred materials for designers and house builders. At present, our more conventional product sizes are equipped with black aluminum and black covers in stock.

Product category and series

For each aluminum profile of different series, we will have some black aluminum profiles in stock, such as surface installation, embedded installation, gray stair type, laminate type, corner type.

The following video will better show you black profiles.

Display the product installation and the use of different buckle splicing keys.

Luminous effect

Even if the cover is black, the lamp beads can still shine through the black cover, which is similar to the milky white cover.

Customizable aluminum profiles

  • Generally, the color of aluminum profiles produced and sold by aluminum profile manufacturers is silver-white by default. If you need black aluminum profiles, you should tell the aluminum profile manufacturers in advance.
  • Baiwei aluminum profile manufacturers for more than 16 years, we can provide black aluminum profiles and black LED covers.Our aluminum profile specifications and full quality, high price, customized according to drawings, cutting as required, welcome to consult.

Will the price of black aluminum profiles be more expensive than that of silver aluminum profiles (compared with aluminum profiles of the same series)

Yes, the price of black aluminum profile is a little more expensive than that of silver aluminum profile. The commonly used profile color on the market is silver, followed by black .The demand market for black aluminum profiles is also growing.

From the processing program

The black aluminum profile needs one more processing procedure than the silver white profile. After the anodizing treatment, the anodized profile needs to be washed clean and then put into the prepared dye pool for dyeing. Here, it should be noted that in the process of preparing the black dye, the pH of the dye water should be well controlled. Under normal conditions, when the PH value of the dye solution is 5-6 or 3-3.5, the white surface of the aluminum profile will be better colored The formed oxide film is also good, so the technical requirements for the operators are relatively high. If the temperature is too low/too high, the time is short, the cleaning is not clean, and the acid reduction is unqualified, the surface will be partially stained, and the color from the floating ash beam will be red in black/blue in black, and the silver white profile will be cool after silver white oxidation treatment.

From the yield

In the process of dyeing black profiles, if the temperature is too low/too high, the cleaning time is short, and the pH is not up to standard, the surface will be partially stained, and the surface will have the color red in black/green in black, which is dyed by floating ash. Therefore, the yield is lower than that of silver white profiles. Some products are more expensive than silver white profiles. So black profiles are more expensive, which is the main reason why black aluminum profiles are more expensive.

Therefore, there is no difference between silver aluminum and black aluminum in terms of application scenarios and product types. In terms of price, black aluminum is more expensive than silver aluminum. This is the biggest difference between silver aluminum and black aluminum Generally, the aluminum color is selected according to the decoration style. For example, in some specific rooms of the winery, black aluminum is selected for the overall style coordination.


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