How To Judge The Voltage Of The LED Line Lamp?

Nov 20,2019 3 views

The method of judging the voltage of the line lamp:

  (1) Look at the label on the luminaire. Generally, the regular LED line lamp manufacturer will label the lamp before leaving the factory to indicate the specific parameters of the product. We can use the label to see how many volts the line lamp uses.   (2) What to do if there is no label? There is no label on the luminaire to indicate the voltage. If the luminaire is transparent glue, the components inside the lamp body can be clearly seen, and the number of the lamp bead, resistance, capacitance and other components can be judged, and then from low. Go to the high voltage to test the lighting of the luminaire, and some test tools can be used to assist the test. If the internal components of the lamp body cannot be seen in the appearance, the lamp needs to be disassembled for inspection.   LED line lamp   In general, the LED line lamp used for LED line light, the single voltage is about 1.8-3V, the general current will be controlled at 18mA -20mA, for each color temperature and the number of chips, the voltage of each LED lamp is different, monochrome Constantly bright line lamp DC24V, external control full color line lamp six segments DC24V, eight segments DC24V, sixteen segments DC12V, 32 segments DC5V.

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