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How to Judge the Quality of Aluminum Profiles?

How to Judge the Quality of Aluminum Profiles?

What is Raw Aluminum? What is Cooked Aluminum? What is the Difference?

  • Raw Aluminum is a Kind of Impure Aluminum with a Low Dry Content of 98% or Less, Also Known as Sanded Aluminum. IT is Extracted from the Refined Chemical Composition Aluminum Oxide. IT is the Cast Aluminum Alloy in the Aluminum Aluminum Industry, Which is Formed by Taking Aluminum Silicon as the Main Raw Material or Adding Some Other Alloy Elements. This Aluminum is the Kind of Aluminum. Its Molded Aluminum Parts are Called Rough and Fragile Castings.
  • Cooked Aluminum is a Kind of Aluminum with a Composition Higher Than 98%. Compared with Raw Aluminum, IT is Soft and Can Be Used to Manufacture a Variety of Aluminum Utensils. Cooked Aluminum is Also Known as Wrought Aluminum Alloy. There are Seven Series of Aluminum Alloys in the Market: 1 Series of Aluminum, 2 Series of Aluminum, Copper, 3 Series of Aluminum, Silicon, 4 Series of Aluminum, Manganese, 5 Series of Aluminum, Magnesium, 6 Series of Aluminum, Magnesium, Silicon, 7 Series of Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, Aluminum Tubes, Aluminum Bars, Aluminum Profiles, Aluminum Wires, Aluminum Sheets, Aluminum Foils, Etc Aluminum Series.
  • The Obvious Difference Between the Two is That Raw Aluminum Has Different Components, Which are Brittle and Fragile, and Can Only Be Made into Castings, While Cooked Aluminum Has More Components Than Soft Materials, Which Can Be Made into a Variety of Extrusion and Punching Products.

Teach You How to Distinguish Inferior Aluminum Profiles?

Features of Inferior Aluminum Profiles

  • Unqualified Chemical Composition the Cost of Aluminum Profiles with a Lot of Aluminum Scrap Mixed in the Commodities is Greatly Reduced, but the Chemical Composition of Aluminum Profiles Will Be Unqualified, Which Will Seriously Endanger the Safety of the Construction Project. When Using Unqualified Aluminum Profiles, Due to the Impact of Air, Rain, Sunshine, Etc., Aluminum Profiles Will Intersect and Even Form the Appearance of Glass Breaking and Falling.
  • A Lot of Defective Aluminum Profiles are Reduced. the Cost of Chemical Reagent Consumption is Reduced at Closing Time, but the Corrosion Resistance of Profiles is Also Greatly Reduced.
  • The Thickness of the Oxide Film is Thin. National Standard Rules for Building Aluminum Profiles. the Thickness of the Oxide Film Should not Be Less Than 10 Microns. the Surface of the Aluminum Profile is Easy to Rust and Corrode. in the Spot Check, the Thickness of the Oxide Film of Some Aluminum Profiles Without a Production License Certificate of a Famous Factory is 2 to 4 Um. Some Aluminum Profiles Even Without Oxide Film. According to the Budget, If the Thickness of the Oxide Film is Reduced by 1 Um, the Power Consumption Cost Can Be Reduced by More Than 150 Yuan Per Ton of Profiles.

How to Judge the Quality of Aluminum Profiles?

Aluminum Profiles are Good and Bad, and the Number of Aluminum Profiles Purchased is too Large to Be Checked One by One. in Order to Reduce the Trouble, Select a Good Manufacturer. If You Know Several Factors That Affect the Quality of Aluminum Profiles, You Can Buy Reassuring Materials. 6063 Alloy is an Alloy Made of Aluminum, Magnesium and Silicon. Each Element Has a Certain Content. the Price of Magnesium is High. Some Manufacturers Reduce the Amount of Magnesium to the Minimum Allowable Content in Order to Reduce Costs Some Manufacturers Put the Magnesium Content Lower Than the Allowable Low Content. Others Put Waste Wires and Waste Pots in the Alloy, Which is Basically not the Same as 6063 Alloy. as a Result, the Mechanical Strength of Aluminum Profiles is Very Low. IT is Easy to Bend with Two Hands and One Bend. IT is Commonly Known as Soft as Noodles. This is One of the Reasons Why Aluminum Profiles Can Be Convenient for Thousands of Yuan the Better Aluminum Profile Manufacturers Have Stipulated the Standard When Preparing Alloy Components, That is, Within the Range of Various Element Contents, Each Factory Has Its Own Small Variation Range, and the Proportion Between Aluminum, Magnesium and Silicon is Very Strict. Each Factory Has Its Own Data, and Each Other Keeps Confidential. Only Alloys Made of Qualified Formulas Can Have Qualified Quality, Otherwise, the Processing Quality Will not Be Improved in the Future. IT is Also Crucial to Know How to Melt the Prepared 6063 Alloy and What Furnace to Use Most of the Furnaces Used are of the Same Level as Those in the 1940S and the Same Level as Those in the 1990S. the Manufacturers Use the Original Crucible Boilers, Which are Coal Burning, Oil Burning, Gas Burning, and Electric Heating Furnaces. Some of the Furnaces Have Bacon. Some of the Furnaces Have No Bacon. Generally, Square Furnaces, Rectangular Furnaces, Circular Furnaces, and Circular Furnaces Can Be Tilted to Pour Aluminum. the Tonnage of Aluminum Melting Furnaces is One Ton, Two Tons, Five Tons, Ten Tons, Twenty-Five Tons, and Fifty Tons. the Aluminum Melting Furnaces are Better a Static Furnace is Added Below the Aluminum Melting Furnace to Prepare 6063 Alloy, Which Can Be Used to Remove Alcohol, Degas, and Be Left Standing in the Furnace, and Then Cast Aluminum Rods for Extrusion. the Quality of Alloy Prepared in the Furnace with Original Burning Medium is Different from That in the Modern Round Furnace. Generally, No Matter What Fuel is Burned in the Furnace, There Should Be Chimney Fuel. Most of the Waste Gas Generated in the Combustion Process Can Be Discharged from the Chimney. If There is No Chimney, the Waste Gas and Slag Can Be Melted in Aluminum There are Serious Slag Inclusion Bubbles in the Aluminum Rod for Extrusion Cast in This Way, Which is One of the Reasons for the Poor Quality of Aluminum Profiles and One of the Reasons for the Low Price of Aluminum.


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