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Differences Between LED Profile And U-shaped LED Lights Low Profile

Differences Between LED Profile And U-shaped LED Lights Low Profile

There are many types of LED lights low profile, such as U-shaped LED lights low profile, round LED lights low profile, mechanically drawn round tubes, wing-shaped profile ceilings, and so on. Today we will focus on the differences between LED lights low profile and u-shaped LED lights low profile.

The u-shaped aluminum groove is as its name, the incision is like a u-shape, the product has three sides and one side is open. This product has many specifications and less strict thickness requirements. Compared with the LED lights low profile products, the thickness is generally thinner. The industry generally calls it U-shaped aluminum square hole, U-shaped aluminum channel, LED aluminum housing. The key characteristics of the profile aluminum trough ceiling depend on that the product is closed, unopened rectangular rectangular tube with grooves or convex grooves. The product is generally thicker and has certain requirements for production.


Differences Between LED Lights Low Profile And U-shaped LED Lights Low Profile


Manufacture of LED lights low profile and u-shaped LED lights low profile:

LED lights low profile are ceiling decorative products processed based on aluminum alloy profiles. It is formed by hypergravity extrusion. Compared with ordinary LED lights low profiles, it has higher hardness, better straightness and flatness than other products. It can be said that the LED lights low profile is the best in decoration materials. However, this LED lights low profile has strict requirements on the thickness. If it is a relatively large specification with a thickness that cannot be less than 0.6 mm, and basically not more than 0.8 mm, the processing standard cannot be guaranteed. These aluminum trough ceilings are not as easy to install as other aluminum trough ceilings.


Therefore, the price and cost of LED lights low profile is higher than ordinary LED lights low profile, which is suitable for high-end occasions, but not suitable for wholesale by dealers. The installation structure uses the upper main bone and is connected to the profile hammer with screws and special parts. It has strong wind resistance and is suitable for outdoor decoration (the interval of the keel can be adjusted arbitrarily). The special aluminum groove can be bent into an arc shape. The curved aluminum square appearance provides designers with a wider space for imagination and creates more unique and beautiful works.


U-shaped LED lights low profile: It is usually processed by coil extrusion, and the U-shaped aluminum trough ceiling with unique specifications is made of aluminum alloy plate and is bent by sheet metal bending machine.


In fact, the processing of LED lights low profiles and aluminum veneers is much easier. In the sheet metal workshop, aluminum square products are extruded according to the size of the drawing. The error is reduced by adjusting the mold and pressure.


After molding, it is washed with water to remove garbage and oil on the product surface, and then further inspection. If there is a surface to be polished, the paint can be firmly adsorbed on the product surface. It is the basic process to make the aluminum trough ceiling resistant to corrosion.


Finally, enter the automatic coating factory to apply powder coating. After entering the drying room to dry automatically, check the chromatic aberration. Defective products need to be returned to the oven for re-spraying, and after confirmation, packaging and shipping.


There are different space options for the aluminum trough ceiling, which can be combined with the molding board to make the actual decoration effect more distinctive. Its simple installation and removal, in recent years, it is very popular in the building materials decoration market. LED lights low profiles are widely used in airports, stations, shopping malls, restaurants, corridors, supermarkets, corridors, entertainment centers and other public places.


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