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Common Problems of Aluminum Profiles

Common Problems of Aluminum Profiles

Composition and Classification of Aluminum Profile Extrusion Principle

Extrusion Principle of Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Profile Extrusion is a Plastic Processing Method That Applies External Force to the Metal Blank Placed in the Container Extrusion Cylinder to Make IT Flow Out of the Specific Die Hole to Obtain the Required Section Shape and Size.

Composition of Aluminum Profile Extrusion Press

The Aluminum Profile Extruding Machine is Composed of the Hydraulic System Under the Electrical Control of the Tension Column Extruding Cylinder of the Front Column Frame of the Base, and is Additionally Equipped with the Die Base, Thimble, Scale Plate, Slide Plate, Etc.

Classification of Extrusion Methods for Aluminum Profiles

According to the Type of Metal in the Aluminum Profile Extrusion Cylinder, Stress Strain State, Aluminum Profile Extrusion Direction, Lubrication State, Extrusion Temperature, Extrusion Speed, Type of Tooling or Structure, Shape or Number of Blanks, Shape or Number of Products, Etc., IT Can Be Divided into Forward Extrusion Method, Reverse Extrusion Method (Including Plane Deformation Extrusion, Axisymmetric Deformation Extrusion, Generally Three-Dimensional Deformation Extrusion) Side Extrusion, Glass Lubrication Extrusion, Hydrostatic Extrusion, Continuous Extrusion, Etc.

Where are the Advantages of Aluminum Profiles?

Many People Think That Aluminum Profiles are too Expensive Without Iron and Stainless Steel. in Fact, the Aluminum Profile Industry Has Developed so Rapidly in Recent Years What are the Advantages of Aluminum Profiles Compared with Traditional Mechanical Manufacturing Materials?

  • The Production Process is Simple and Can Be Completed by Designing the Cutting/Drilling Combination, While Traditional Materials Usually Go Through Complex Processes Such as Design Cutting/Drilling, Welding, Sandblasting, Surface Treatment, Surface Spraying, Etc.
  • The Materials Can Be Reused. Because the Parts Using Industrial Aluminum Profiles are not Hot Welded During the Manufacturing Process, the Materials and Accessories That Can Be Easily Disassembled Can Be Reused, While Traditional Materials are Rarely Reused Due to Cutting Deformation and High Disassembly Costs.
  • Save MAN Hours Because the Production Process is Simple, IT Can Save a Lot of MAN Hours and Costs. When Reworking, IT Can Save Several Times of MAN Hours Than Using Traditional Materials.
  • High Manufacturing Precision Because the Manufacturing Process Has not Experienced Thermal Welding, the Materials Have No Deformation, so the Assembly Precision is High. the Traditional Materials Using Thermal Welding Will Inevitably Have Deformation, Which Will Affect the Assembly Precision.
  • The Equipment with Gorgeous Appearance and Industrial Aluminum Profiles Has a Modern Appearance, and Its Anodic Oxidation Coating is Firmer and More Stable Than the Existing Coating Methods.

Why Do You Want to Know the Weight of 1 Meter Aluminum Profile?

  • The Rice Weight Directly Affects the Price, Which is One of the Important Conditions for Distinguishing the Specifications of Profiles. the Rice Weight Has a Term in the Industry, Which is Called the Difference Between the Specifications of Profiles with Different Unit Quality. If You Know the Price of One Meter, You Will Know the Price of Your Own Profiles. Generally Speaking, the Heavier the Rice Weight is, the Higher the Price is. of Course, If You Need to Process, the Processing Cost is Calculated Separately.
  • The Weight of Rice Directly Affects the Bearing Capacity the Weight of Rice Will not Only Affect the Price, but Also the Bearing Range. IT is Precisely Because of the Difference in the Weight of Rice That the Bearing Range of Each Profile is Different. Generally Speaking, the Greater the Weight of Rice, the Better the Bearing Range.

What is the Error of Aluminum Profile Cutting?

  • The Length of an Aluminum Profile is 6.01 Meters. IT Can Be Cut According to the Required Length. Bestway Does not Charge for Cutting Aluminum Profiles. Generally, the Error of Aluminum Profile Cutting is Allowed to Be Within 0.5 MM. Aluminum Profile Cutting is not Only for Length Cutting, but Also for Angle Cutting.
  • Then Someone Will Ask Whether Aluminum Profiles Can Be Cut into Any Angle? Theoretically, IT is Possible, but in Fact, IT is Impossible. Generally, the Angle of Cutting is Between 15 and 85 Degrees, and the Angle Error of Aluminum Profile Cutting is Between Plus and Minus 1 Degree. Therefore, IT is Necessary to Find a Competent Aluminum Profile Processing Factory, Because IT Can Ensure That Your Cutting Angle is Correct, so as not to Affect the Use, Delay the Construction Period, and Cause Losses.
  • Baiwei is an Aluminum Profile Manufacturer for More Than Ten Years. Several Sets of Cnc Processing Equipment Can Provide Deep Processing Services Such as Aluminum Profile Cutting, Corner Cutting, Drilling, Threading and Milling. the Aluminum Profile Cut is Smooth Without Burrs, and There are No Aluminum Chips for Drilling and Tapping. so If You Need, You Can Consult Baiwei Bar. We Can Mail You Samples+Sample Sections for Your Selection. Welcome to Consult.

How Long is the Aluminum Profile Within the Scope of Transportation?

In the Market, No Business is Longer Than 6.01 Meters. IT Can Cut Various Lengths According to Customers’ Needs, and Then Use Splices to Splice Small Trucks for Transportation. Such Products are Easy to Arrange Vehicles, and the Freight is Cheap. It is the Preferred Transportation Type for Most Customers.

What are the Packaging Methods of Aluminum Profiles Described by Aluminum Profile Manufacturers?

  • The Length of Aluminum Profile is Generally 6 Meters. Because the Hardness of Aluminum Alloy Profile is Worse Than That of Steel, IT is Easy to Be Bruised in Transportation. Therefore, We Have Double Protection During Shipment.
  • In the Aluminum Profile Industry, There are Many Common and Simple Packaging Methods for Aluminum Profiles. One is Non-Woven Fabric+Kraft Paper Packaging. Bestway Aluminum Profiles are Packaged with Inner Ep Film, Middle Layer Kraft Paper or Wrinkle Paper, Outer Layer Bubble Film. the Thick and Hard Kraft Paper Can Well Protect Aluminum Profiles from External Damage to Ensure That Goods are Less Damaged During Transportation.

Customized Aluminum Profiles

The Aluminum Profile is Widely Used. Conventional Profiles Can not Meet the Market Demand. for This Reason, the Aluminum Profile Industry Gradually Improves the System. Aluminum Profile Customization Has Become a New Choice. the Cost of Aluminum Profile Customization is Generally Aluminum Ingot Base Price+Processing Cost (Material Extrusion Surface Treatment) +the Mold Fee is Generally Refundable on the Premise That the Order Quantity Reaches a Certain Amount, but Many Customers are Reflecting the Same Problem That the Customization Cycle of Aluminum Profiles is too Long and the Efficiency is too Slow. in Fact, Customers WHO Often Purchase Aluminum Profiles Know That the Post Delivery Cycle is Very Short, so as Long as They Find Manufacturers with Excellent Technology in the Industry to Do IT, the Delivery Will not Be Affected, and Baiwei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is Like This the Technical Departments of All Companies are Engineers with More Than 10 Years of Experience in Aluminum Profile Development. When Checking Drawings in the Early Stage, They Will Also Check with Customers and Come up with Solutions to Solve Various Problems for Customers. Therefore, Customers WHO Need Customized Aluminum Profile Die Opening are Your Right Choice.


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