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Ceiling LED Low Profile Application Case

Ceiling LED Low Profile Application Case

We are tired of working every day now. If the office environment is not good, it will have a bad influence on the body and mind. Especially the light. Most people like to work in a beautiful office. In terms of lighting, how do they make office workers work easily and efficiently? It turned out that they did a perfect match in office decoration and ceiling LED low profile or embedded LED profile selection.


Ceiling LED Low Profile Application Case

The following is a case of a lawyer’s office:

Through the pictures we can first see that the ceiling of the office has multiple lights and is flat with the ceiling, so the embedded lighting design is used here. This design can be achieved by using the Housing For LED Light Strip – L099. The hanging lamp is made of white light bulb and transparent lampshade. The design is fresh, comfortable and bright. The right side is decorated with sub-lighting and warm color wood. It gives a warm feeling. LED 50/50 Strip Light Housing – L101 can be achieved, designed in this style the day before, gives them a relaxed appointment and is easy to impress others.

The picture on the right is the office area. The whole is dominated by cool tones. The details are set off with warm-toned items. The ceiling is surrounded by a circle of lights to form a complete area with a distinct effect. Such lighting effect,  ceiling LED low profile can be achieved, lighting adopt ceiling LED low profile will sense the projection layer, and thus appears less monotonous.


I hope that our analysis can help you. The ceiling LED low profile can play a good role in various decoration schemes. You need to know more professionally to contact our engineers: +86 18122825329








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